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Step 1: Track Your Workouts
You will need to track your own workouts using GHC’s Exercise for Excellence tracking form. This form can be found here, or at the Member Services office at any of the Rec Sports facilities. We are no longer allowed to electronically track workouts for GHC.

Step 2: Work Out to Receive your Reward
You must work out 120 times throughout one calendar year (January 1st-December 31st) in order to receive your insurance reimbursement of $100.

Step 3: Get Signature and Send in Paperwork
Following completion of workouts, you will need to bring in your completed GHC’s Wellness Reimbursement Form for a Rec Sports employee to sign, along with your completed Exercise for Excellence tracking form to verify your 120 workouts. Mail both forms to GHC.

For a full program description and a printable version of the Exercise for Excellence tracking form and Wellness Reimbursement Form, click here.