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Can a member of a sport club play on an intramural team and/or varsity team etc.?

Intramural Sports teams have restrictions regarding the use of sport clubs players participating in their corresponding Intramural Sport.  Varsity teams have their own restrictions regarding participation and those athletes should contact their coaches.

How do I become a member?

Individual sport clubs establish their own membership requirements, dues and club activities. All programs are available to students, faculty and staff of University of Wisconsin-Madison. Interested persons should contact the club's president for specific membership information. Click here to view the current Sport Clubs directory.

Do I have to be an expert player to join a club?

No, most clubs are open to all levels of competition/participation. Some clubs do have try-outs for a traveling or "A" team, but they usually have a "B" team and sometimes a "C" or "D" team as well for other levels of competition or participation.

How competitive are your competitive Sport Clubs?

University of Wisconsin-Madison clubs regularly attend their sports league regional championships and several have attended the National Championship Tournaments for their respective sports in recent years.  Men’s and Women’s Volleyball, Women’s Ice Hockey, Figure Skating, and Badminton have all ranked nationally in the recent year.

Do I have to have my own equipment to join a club?

Depends on the club and you. Most clubs have the equipment needed to participate; some activities you will need to have your own equipment. Contacting the Club Representative or visiting the Club website is the best way to answer this question. Click here to view the current Sport Clubs directory.

What does it cost to join a club?

It varies for each club, but they try to keep membership costs to a minimum by doing fundraising to help support travel expenses, etc. Clubs also receive funding through the sources listed in the next question. For individual club costs, please attend the organizational meeting or contact the club coach or officer through the information provided by the Sport Clubs Program. In many cases, personal expenses may incur due to the activity and/or supplies/equipment needed. If one chooses to participate in a club where personal expenses occur, it is the individual’s responsibility to pay any debts to the club. If a participant is delinquent in re-payment to the club, the club has the ability to place a hold on the participant’s records and enrollment with the proper paperwork.

How are clubs funded?

Clubs are funded through the following means:

  • Sport Clubs sallocation
  • Donations to Sport Clubs
  • Club Fundraising projects
  • Club dues or membership fees
  • Some out-of-pocket expenses


Do I have to travel with the Club?

Some clubs do play other colleges and universities around the region and compete in national tournaments.  The time commitment varies by club and travel is not necessary, but those decisions are left to the club officers.