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Interested in forming a new club? See the requirements and process below to learn how.


1. Registration with the Center for Leadership and Involvement (CfLI). This is may be completed on-line at cfli.wisc.edu and documentation must be provided.

2. Demonstration of Interest - Submit a list of names and signatures with UW ID numbers of at least ten (10) active members. All members must be fee-paying students, faculty, or staff of the University, with the majority (75%) being students.

3. Demonstration of Organization - A club must define their purpose, goals, and objectives; submit officers' names and their duties; have a continuity procedure consisting of established officer election dates and the procedure for election; and defined membership requirements. This information should be included in the club constitution.

4. Demonstration of Need - An applying group needs to document that interest in their sport is not being adequately met by existing campus programs. Those sports currently recognized by the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics may be duplicated. A sport or form of a sport currently a member of the Sport Clubs program will not be duplicated.

5. Demonstration of Safety - An applying club needs to demonstrate that the welfare of its members is safeguarded. Evidence should be presented showing well-qualified instructors, the existence of safe equipment, the supervision of practice and competitive sessions, and the procedures to follow in case of accidental injury.

6. Satisfaction of a "True Sport" definition - Demonstrate that the applying club is within the following guidelines:

•The club must be physical and active in nature.
•The club must demonstrate that learning and development of skills of the sport is the main
•The club must be a sport with a National, Regional, or International Governing Body and be a
  member of said governing body.
•The club must participate in a local or regional league (as available).
•The club must have regularly scheduled practices and club meetings.
•The club must compete in a minimum of 2 competitions, demonstrations, or exhibitions per
  academic year.

7. Space Availability & Equipment - Availability of Recreational Sports facilities and equipment for practice and competition is very limited due to use by Rec Sports program and informal recreation. Allocation of practice space and time will be limited to Rec Sports facilities that are not currently utilized. Club petitions that do not require and/or cannot be accommodated by existing Rec Sports facilities will be considered. The Assistant Director of Competitive Sports in conjunction with the Associate Director of Recreational Sports will make decisions regarding space availability.

8. Provisions
- Those clubs petitioning may only be departmentally sponsored by one campus entity. For example: A Business School club could not petition to be in the Sport Clubs program.

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Petition Process

1. Meet with the Assistant Director of Competitive Sports - In order to petition to become a Sport Clubs with the Division of Recreational Sports, the interested party must meet with the Assistant Director of Competitive Sports (Room 1031 Natatorium/Gym Unit II) and present all the documents needed to meet the criteria to become a sport club as explained above.

2. Attend Sport Clubs Council Meeting - If the Assistant Director of Competitive Sports determines that all criteria have been met, the petition will be placed on the agenda at the next Sport Clubs Council meeting. See Schedule of Deadlines & Meetings.

3. Acceptance by the Sport Clubs Council - The prospective club's chief officer will make a verbal request by means of a presentation to the Sport Clubs Council for membership to that body. A vote will take place at that time or it may be postponed to the next Sport Clubs Council meeting. A vote may be postponed to the next Sport Clubs Council meeting if additional information is required. Completion of the Sport Clubs registration does not constitute endorsement of an individual club. Acceptance by the Sport Clubs Council, the advisory group to the Assistant Director of Competitive Sports, is granted by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the quorum.

4. Acceptance by the Assistant Director of Competitive Sports - Taking the vote of the Sport Clubs Council and all criteria into consideration, the Assistant Director of Competitive Sports has final approval of a club's acceptance. The decision of the Assistant Director of Competitive Sports may be appealed to the Program Director. Once accepted as an approved Sport Club, the club shall then be governed by policies established by the University, the Division of Recreational Sports Sport Clubs program and the Sport Clubs Council.

5. Probationary Period - Upon acceptance into the Sport Clubs program, the new club will serve a one-year probationary period per the Sport Clubs Council By-Laws. Any new club will serve a four-year financial probationary period imposed by the Division of Recreational Sports. During this time the club will not be eligible to receive any Sport Clubs (DRS) funds while securing funds through external donations and fundraising. Equipment will not be provided or purchased by the Division of Recreational Sports to facilitate any new clubs.

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