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Griswold, Bonnie Assistant Director of Aquatics and Safety 608-265-6222 
Directors Office    
Hobson, Aaron  Associate Director of Programs  608-262-9696 
Horn, John Director of Rec Sports 608-890-0158
Peirce, Alex Coordinator of Marketing & Communications 608-262-8256
Thuecks, Whitney HR & Payroll Specialist 608-262-4976 
Warren, Mike Senior Associate Director 608-262-8041
Borgrud, Dave Facilities Staff (NTS) 608-262-0413
Bretl, Tony Buildings & Grounds Superintendent 608-235-8958
Cline, Tom Facilities Maintenance Specialist (Shell) 608-263-6566
Dvorak, Jeff Associate Director of Facilities 608-263-5682
Holman, Megan Assistant Director of Facilities 608-890-3033
McGuire, Brian Buildings and Grounds Supervisor 608-263-1675
Merrill, Suzanne Coordinator of Facilities - Natatorium 608-890-2863
Riggins, Bill  Coordinator of Facilities - Nielsen/Shell  608-263-7650 
Terhune, Sandy   Coordinator of Facilities - SERF  608-262-9568
Devine, Lori Assistant Director of Fitness/Wellness 608-262-4268
Sancho Solis, Raquel
Coordinator of Fitness/Wellness
Competitive Sports
Lax, Ashley Coordinator of Competitive Sports 608-890-1493
Schultz, Chad Coordinator of Competitive Sports 608-262-9398
Member Services    
Lanigan, Margaret  Financial Program Supervisor  608-890-2158
Wachter, Beth    Financial Specialist 608-262-8809