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General Intramural Questions

Who can play?



All currently enrolled UW-Madison students and faculty/staff that have paid the Recreational Sports†Membership Fee are eligible to participate. Spouse/domestic partners may not participate in the Intramural Sports program. For the summer session, incoming freshmen are not eligible to participate.

A maximum of two†Sport Clubs†members are allowed on an intramural team in the same or corresponding sport.
Please note, members and candidates for an Intercollegiate athletic team, including those classified as red shirts and those working out with the team as well as current or former professional athletes are ineligible for intramurals.*

*Only applies to the same sport or corresponding sports (e.g. baseball and softball) until dropped from the Intercollegiate team. A one year waiting period is imposed after Intercollegiate participation ceases.



How do I sign up?

In order to sign up a team, captains are required to complete the registration process. During the registration process the team captain pass the captainís quiz, will create the team on IMLeagues, will provide payment for the league, and add required number of players to the teamís roster.


More detailed sign-up instructions can be found on the RecSports website at www.recsports.wisc.edu. Registration and payment will be taken based on the number of spots available in a given league on a first come first serve basis. †Any teams that register after a league is filled will be added to a Waitlist and will be contacted if additional spots become available. If contacted, teams will be given information on how to pay and complete the registration and scheduling process.

What if I don't have a team?

A Free Agent List is posted on IM Leagues. You can sign up or just try to pick up a few extra people for a team.

What if my team needs more players?

Check out the Free Agent List on IM Leagues.†† Just remember that a player is only allowed to play for one single gender team and one Co-Rec team.

Can I play on more than one team?

Players may only play on one single gender team and one Co-Rec team in the same sport. Example: A person may compete on a Co-Rec team at the same time they participate on a single gender team (i.e. Men's or Women's). This also means a participant may not participate in a men's recreational league at the SERF and a competitive league at the NAT.



Can I play in the Men's league if I am a woman?

If a women's and Co-Rec league is offered, then a woman will not be allowed to participate in the men's league. If a women's and Co-Rec league is not offered, then a woman will be allowed to participate in the men's league.


Do we need ID cards every game? Why?

Players are required to bring their Wiscard to each activity and present it to the Intramural Sports Supervisor at the game site prior to the game. Participants with activated IMLeagues accounts that contain a photo on FUSION are able to check in with the Intramural Sports Supervisor using any government issued photo identification card. Participants who have not activated their IMLeagues account and do not have appropriate identification will not be allowed to participate in said activity without their Wiscard card.

What are the rules covering the male/female ratio for Co-Rec teams?

The difference between the number of males to females cannot be greater than one on the court or field at the same time (i.e. 3 men and 2 women or 2 men and 3 women).

What if the wrong score is listed online?

If the wrong score is listed on the website, the captain should contact the Intramural Sports Webmaster at imsports@recsports.wisc.edu immediately.


Are refunds given?

Specific divisions, days and times are scheduled on a first-come first-serve basis during registration. Teams are encouraged to register early to get into the division of their choice. Teams may request a refund if there are no divisions available that meet their availability. Refund requests must be made by emailing imsports@recsports.wisc.edu by the end of the Registration period. Requests made after the end of Registration period will not be honored. Teams that fail to move their team from the Waitlist to a specific division during Registration period may be dropped from the league and will not receive a refund.

How do I become eligible for the playoffs?

In 5 or 6 team leagues, a team must have a .500 record or better and have an acceptable sportsmanship average of 4 or higher to make the playoffs. In 4 or less team leagues, a team must win 1 game and have an acceptable sportsmanship average of 4 or higher to make the playoffs. All playoff teams must have less than 2 defaults or any combination of the above to qualify for the playoffs. Any team not given the opportunity to play 50% or more of their regular season games (ex. games cancelled due to rain, defaults, teams dropping from the league, etc. not including their own cancellations or defaults) will be placed into the playoffs.

When are the playoff schedules posted? Where?

Information regarding playoff schedules can be found on your sport description page on IMLeagues.† Information regarding your teamís draft time can be found on your teamís IMLeagues homepage. Qualifying teams that fail to select their spot in the draft prior to its conclusion will be randomly assigned an open spot by the League Coordinator. Before selecting a spot on the playoff bracket teams are encouraged to look ahead at potential dates and times to avoid conflicts.† All finalized playoff brackets will be available on your league page.


How do I add players to my roster?

Players who have not played on any Intramural Sports team in a league, who are also eligible to play in that league, may be added to a team roster at any time. To be added to a roster, participants must activate their IMLeagues account through the Intramural Sports website. Through their IMLeagues account participants may add themselves to a teamís roster electronically. Instructions for adding players to team rosters are provided on the Intramural Sports website. Additionally, new participants may bring their Wisc ID Card to the game site and sign in with the Intramural Sports Supervisor.


How will I know if the games are canceled?

The decisions to cancel outdoor games will be made by 3:00 p.m. on weekdays and 12 Noon on Sunday. The decision may also be determined at game time by the Intramural Sports Student Coordinator on duty. Teams should call the Rec Sports Hotline (608-262-4756) and choose the Intramural Sports Cancellation (#3) menu option for cancellation information. Regular season games cancelled due to inclement weather will not be rescheduled. Playoff games cancelled due to inclement weather will be rescheduled if possible.


What if my team can't play as scheduled?

Regular season games are not rescheduled. If your team can't play, a team representative should contact the Rec Sports Office listed below at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled game time to report a cancellation. Sunday games must be cancelled by 4:00 p.m. on the previous Friday. A team may only cancel two contests in any sport season. Cancellations during playoffs or in activities that are offered only as tournament will eliminate your team from further competition. If the game is not cancelled by the deadline listed above, the game will be considered a forfeit and the forfeit fee will be required.


What are the Default policies



If a team does not have the minimum number of players signed in at the end of the 10 minute grace period, the official or supervisor will declare the contest a DEFAULT and will cause the following to take place:

1. The team must pay a $25.00 Default Fee.

2. Default Fees can be paid online at https://services.recsports.wisc.edu/ (Refer to the Intramural Sports website for detailed instructions on how to pay Default Fees online.)

3. If a team defaults and pays the fee during the regular season, it will count as a loss. The team may still qualify for the playoffs.

4. Any team that defaults during tournament play, will be automatically dropped from the tournament and is responsible for the $25.00 fee.

5. Any team that defaults more than once, will be removed from the league and responsible for all fees assessed. Dropped teams will not receive a refund of the registration fee.

6. Participants/teams that default a supervised individual or dual sport will be charged a $5 default fee.



What if I change my mind about the day/time I have chosen? Can I change divisions?

In certain situations you may be allowed to switch divisions prior to the conclusion of the registration period. Email the intramural sports administrative staff at imsports@recsports.wisc.edu to inquire about a possible change. You may not switch divisions without IM Sports approval.


Are there any applications or forms I need to complete before registering?

No, the payment of fees and registration of your team at IMLeagues is now completely paperless.



My friend registered our team. Why don't I have administrative access?

The person who initially registered the team is considered the captain and is the only person who has administrative access to the teamís homepage. Team captains are able to designate a co-captain on their teamís page on IMLeagues.

Why do I show up as suspended on IMLeagues?

Participants may show up as suspended if they have not paid their Recreational Sports membership fees or student tuition which includes segregated frees for Recreational Sports. Team captains who have not paid their default fee(s) will remain suspended until all fees are paid in full. Participants who have been ejected from an Intramural Sports activity will also appear suspended on IMLeagues.


Is my team guaranteed a spot after paying the Intramurals Sports fees?


No. Once you pay your Intramural Sports fees you must move your team from the Waitlist into your desired league or division. Teams that fail to move their team from the Waitlist face the possibility of losing their spot within the desired league or division. Teams that pay, but do not receive a spot in our leagues will receive a full refund.

Further Questions

Further Questions

If you or your team has a question or problem during your game, please see the Intramural Supervisor on duty. Do not let a question or problem go unresolved without seeking assistance from the staff on duty.