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Registration for all Spring 2015 sports opens at 9am on January 13.

Students cannot participate in Intramural Sports until they go online and activate their IMLeagues account. Once activated, students can create and customize teams, view virtual trophy cases and performance records, access team message boards and much more. IMLeagues also provides an overview of the sports and activities offered each semester.


        1. Activate your IMLeagues account. All Intramural Sports participants are required to
activate their IMLeagues account prior to play.

        2. Register during the open registration period for the sport or activity you want to
compete in. Captains need to complete the captain's quiz with at least an 80%, create
a team name and profile, provide payment and select desired division (day/time) of
play. Contact our office if you are having trouble registering your team.

        3. Add players to your team by sending an email invite through IMLeagues or providing
a team password to join. Players may also request to join your team.

Please note, the Intramural Sports Administrative Staff reserves the right to alter any team name or logo judged to be obscene, derogatory, vulgar, offensive, contains profanity or is not within the spirit of good sportsmanship. The team will not be able to compete until the name has been changed and becomes suitable.


The Competitive league is intended for those teams that have had some experience with organized play in that sport. This league is designed for teams whose primary objective is to win games. Players in this league generally have played high school varsity sports and remain active in that sport; their Intramural Sports teams may even hold practices. Teams registered in the Competitive league will play to earn the All-Campus Champion title, if applicable.

The Recreational league is designed for teams whose primary objective is to enjoy Intramural Sports and to have fun; winning is secondary. Most players on these teams have not played at the varsity level and may be slightly active in the sport. Most teams that have never played together before or are first-time participants are better suited to play in the recreational league. 

For some sports, an ‘Open’ league will be the only division offered as the amount of space available and number of teams dictate only one league offering. The Open league will have a mix of both competitive and recreational players.