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Who can make a special event reservation?

Registered student organizations, University Departments, and non-University affiliated organizations can make reservation requests

What is the first step to make a reservation

For registered student organizations and University Departments who want to reserve space at the SERF, the Natatorium, or the outdoor fields, the first step is to fill out a special event request form.  For non-University affiliated organizations or large organizations wishing to reserve the Nielson Tennis Stadium or Camp Randall Sports Center, the first step is to email specialevents@recsports.wisc.edu.

What facilities can I reserve for a special event?

In general, reservation requests can be made for the SERF, the Natatorium, the Near West Fields, and the University Bay Fields.

When can I hold special events?

Special events usually take place between Friday and Sunday.  The gyms are only available during these times.  In some cases, depending on the room requested, special events may be held during the week as well.

How far in advance do I need to submit a Special Event Request Form?

For RSOs or University Departments, the form must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the date in question.  Non-University affiliated organizations must contact specialevents@recsports.wisc.edu at least four full weeks before the event can be held.

Can my non-student friend participate?

People who are not students or affiliated with the University can only participate in special events if the reserving group has secured the proper special event insurance from Risk Management.

What equipment can I rent for my event?

A list of the possible equipment to rent, and their prices, can be found under Event Equipment Charge

Can I hold a fundraiser?

Yes.  However, the type of fundraiser determines a few other things.  If the event is to strictly raise money for a charity and/or to cover the cost of the reservation, the reservation is straightforward and no complications arise.  If the event is to raise money for the profit of the group, special event insurance is required and Rec Sports reserves the right veto the event or assume a percentage of the profit.