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1.  Facility Reservation requests must be made by submitting an online Special Event Request Form. If you submitted a request and have heard no response for one week, please email klux@recsports.wisc.edu to ensure that your request is followed up with.

2.  If necessary, phone or email correspondence may be necessary to work through the details of your request. Under certain circumstances, a meeting between you and the Coordinator of Special Events may be requested if many different and difficult details need to be sorted out. You may also request such a meeting before or during the reservation process. The following items may be discussed
• Dates and times of the event
• Purpose and scope of the even
• Participants
• Equipment rentals and costs
• Additional staffing requirements
• Liabilitiy insurance requirements
• Concession and vending requirements
• Payment methods
• Weather contingencies

3.  If necessary, you will be notified if Special Event Insurance or a Vending Agreement is needed for your event. For more information, please contact klux@recsports.wisc.edu

4.  The Coordinator of Special Events will compile this information to create a Confirmation Contract that reflects the time, date, location, and equipment to be rented. A summary of available facilities, equipment, and staff, as well as their costs, can be found in Costs and Charges. The confirmation will be emailed to you with a request to review the contract, sign it, and return it to the appropriate location.

5.  The event is officially scheduled when the following conditions are all met:

              • The cost estimate is accepted by the requesting party. Groups with a cost 
estimate greater than $500 also need to make an advance payment
of half the cost. 
              • The Confirmation contract is signed and returned to the 
Coordinator of Special Events by the requesting party
              • Facility Use Agreement has been signed by all parties (when applicable)

              • Proof of Insurance form has been submitted (when applicable)

              • The terms for giving away food or concessions have been agreed to and 
the Vending Agreement has been signed by all the parties(when applicable)  
              • Staffing requirements have been met (when applicable)

              • The special facility or supervision requirements have been coordinated with 
                 the Physical Plant and/or the UW Police Department (when applicable)

6.  After the event has occurred, an invoice will be prepared by the Coordinator of Special Events. The invoice will be emailed to the primary contact with the expectation that the account is settled within 14 business days. Specific directions for payment will be provided at that time.