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Small Group Reservations

All members are welcome to reserve racquetball courts at both the SERF and the NAT. If making a reservation for a small group, please call our Towel Room (608-262-8259) to reserve the space at no charge. Reservations may be placed up to three days in advance and are for one-hour time slots. The earlier you call, however, the better chance you have of getting the reservation time you want. 

1.     Individuals or small groups (3 or less) are allowed access to studio or racquetball courts for general recreational activities when the areas are not scheduled or being used by the designated activities. Groups larger than 3 people are required to go through the Rec Sports Special Event Request Process (see below).

2.     Outside activity users (i.e. any sport other than the courts designated sport) are not to displace users of the designated sport.  If they come to play, outside activity users must vacate.

3.     Space cannot be reserved for anything other then the sport it is designed for (i.e. racquetball courts only for racquetball)

4.     Users must have appropriate athletic, non-marking footwear.

5.     Activities permitted: stretching, core and aerobic exercises, dance,  and spike ball. 

Activities NOT permitted: combative activities (wrestling, martial arts, etc), sports activities (indoor soccer, football, rugby, lacrosse, frisbee, etc), cheerleading stunts. 

Large Group Reservations

The Division of Recreational Sports offers an extensive Special Events Program to be used by Registered Student Organizations, University Departments, and non-University affiliated organizations, including youth groups. If you are interested in holding a 500 person dodgeball tournament to raise money for cancer research, a ten person practice for your dance club, or anything in between, you’ve come to the right place!

RSOs and University Departments wishing to hold a special event at the SERF, the Nat, or on our outdoor fields can begin by submitting a Special Event Request Form. Non-University affiliated organizations and reservations for the Nielsen Tennis Stadium or Camp Randall Sports Center should begin by emailing specialevents@recsports.wisc.edu.

Please browse our daily schedules to see if the date and time at the desired facility you wish to request is available before submitting a request form. Gym space at the SERF and Nat is limited to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Please note, all requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance (4 weeks for non-university groups) to be considered.

Request a Group Fitness Instructor: Interested in having a Group Fitness instructor come to your group/organization or location? Submit a request form to begin the process. Instructor rates are $30/hour for an event in our facilities and $40/hour for external events.



Cancellations of events must be submitted one full week prior to the event. Please email specialevents@recsports.wisc.edu with your name, the group name, and the reason why you are cancelling. You will receive an approval email for you cancellation soon after. Groups cancelling less than two weeks in advance will be responsible for any staffing charges that would have accrued and may be subject to partial or full payment for their event.